Galaxy 3

All the exciting features from the Galaxy 3 Live, including worldwide online play, tracked player rankings and statistics. In addition to the glowing cabinet, the machine is equipped with a larger display, better player camera, automatic target flip, and new games! All of this while maintaining the compatibility amongst all other G3’s that are already out in the world.


Hi-speed wireless, web ready Automated scoring, no miss-scores or cheating Paperless leagues, LeagueLeader ready Player rating system built in Handles up to 4 players / teams Tournament chart included How it’s Made

Molded, rugged cabinet Only 5 1/2′ long, can fit anywhere No wax ever! No climate adjusting needed Large LCD, color monitor Hot-Button Convenience Can’t play it for free Just a puck, no trackball


Collect Pac-Dots while navigating Pac-Man through the maze. Complete each stage by collecting all of the dots and avoiding the tricky ghosts. Experience this gameplay exactly as you would have in an arcade, featuring original gameplay, artwork and joystick configuration.

Pandora's Box 5S

Excellent Engineering Design, Real Interactive Experience.
Support 2 players. You can play Retro Arcade Console at home or anywhere with your friend.

With 800 Classical Games(The game list as follows). Cool LED light creates perfect game atmosphere With VGA + HIDMI dual video signal output. Design for low power consumption. Absolutely safe and reliable.

Super high definition game resolution and high quality video & audio engine. Top ranking game control experience as well as stable performance. Including the game suspension function. No worry to be interrupted in the process

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